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Miracles in Motion is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation designed to provide the full dance experience to people with special needs. We provide a complete dance education, along with structured choreography in a dance company setting. The classes cover many styles of dance including jazz, contemporary, ballet, tap, musical theater, and creative movement. Every session is re-structured to meet the specific needs of each dancer participating.

Kim Moncrief founded Miracles in Motion in 2007 after the birth of her son Logan. Logan was born with Down Syndrome and several heart defects. Kim has over two decades of experience as a dance instructor, a BFA in Dance and Choreography, as well as a BS in Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University. As a professional dancer, Kim realized that there wouldn’t be a place for Logan in the dance world so she created Miracles in Motion.

Miracles in Motion is making leaps and bounds in the community with its innovative style and powerful reputation. No matter where they perform, it’s hard to find a dry eye in the audience. They have been known to raise the audience to their feet with standing ovations and tears running down their faces. Miracles in Motion is a force of awe and inspiration for people of all ages.

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Kim Moncrief
Founder, CEO & Artistic Director

Kim Moncrief has a BFA in Dance and Choreography along with a BS in Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University. She began her dancer career at The Richmond Ballet when she was 8 years old where she received intensive training until graduating from High School. She has been formally trained in a variety of dance styles including: Classical Ballet and Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Acrobatics, Theater, Cheerleading, African-Caribbean, Improvisation, and Yoga.

Kim has traveled the U.S. teaching and choreographing on dancers of all levels and abilities, primarily focused on the competitive circuit. Her strength for directing was apparent early in her career where she quickly received positions such as, Assistant Artistic Director and Ballet Director within the studios she was employed. Since 1994 Kim has trained and choreographed on a variety of competitive dance groups, Varsity and Junior Varsity Pom Squads, show choirs, and pageant contestants. Her choreography has won many notable awards including, “Grand Champion,” “Best Choreography,” Best in Show” and “Best Marching Unit.” Kim’s notable performance experience is with Richmond Ballet, Optasia Production Company, Heartbeat Production Company and as a 6-year member of Kingdom Dance Company.

She married her husband, John Moncrief in 2004 and in 2006 they had their precious son Logan, born with Down Syndrome. They now also have beautiful boy/girl twins. All of which are her constant inspiration! The Moncrief family proudly owns Moncrief Management LLC, which includes their family business, “The Ice Cream King”.

In 2007, Kim created Miracles in Motion. Her vision was to create a dance family for dancers with special needs…a place to receive quality dance instruction and to shine! Her vision has been successful and has grown quickly in size and popularity. Kim holds Miracles in Motion close to her heart and feels like she has found the biggest reward in her dance career.

Along with directing Miracles in Motion, Kim is also the director of “Rise Up!” Dance Company. She also teaches & choreographs part time at School of Dance Arts.

Denise McGowen
Assistant Office Administrator

Denise grew up in north Louisiana and went to college in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she received her BS in general science and her Associate degree in Medical Technology For 10 years, Denise was a lab assistant and medical decoder. In December 2006, Denise and her family (Jonathan, Leah, and Elijah) moved to Richmond. Her daughter, Leah, loves music. Denise felt that Leah would enjoy dance classes. After trying several mainstream dance studios that didn’t work for her daughter, she found Miracles in Motion. A dance studio that would meet Leah’s needs. Leah loved it! Denise immediately started volunteering and helping out where she was needed.

In 2015, Kim offered Denise an official position as the studio Secretary and Receptionist.  Denise also serves as a board member.  These are her ‘official’ titles, but she is so much more than that to Miracles in Motion.  Denise can be found doing a multitude of jobs throughout the year.   She’s the webmaster, props technician, front and back of house manager at the recital and the list goes on.  Denise meets every challenge head-on.  She understands the studio’s mission and Kim Moncrief’s vision for the dancers. She will do whatever it takes to ensure dreams come true at MIM.  Kim and Denise make quite a team…..Kim runs the ship and Denise makes sure it stays on course!

Denise wants to make a difference in the special needs community through her work at Miracles in Motion.  She hopes her work makes a positive impact on the studio she and her daughter love so much.

Michelle Roberts

Michelle Roberts has a BFA in Dance and Choreography from Virginia Commonwealth University.  She knew at an early age she wanted to dance and teach. At age 5, she began her training at Barbara Sheppard's Academy of Dance where she fell in love with tap and jazz under the instruction of former Rockette. Michelle became a member of Barbara's dance company and an instructor by the age of 16. She spent 3 years in Fairfax County Summer School of the Arts Enrichment Program where she was an audition assistant and judge. She continued her dance education training under notable artists such as Doug Varone, Ron Brown, and Bella Lewisky Company. 

Michelle’s professional career took her to several dance studios where she trained dancers in all levels and styles of dance. At age 28, Michelle opened her own studio, All Star Dance Academy. For fifteen years she led her competition teams to win many awards and shared her love of Dance with the community. When Michelle isn’t teaching dance, she is gardening, reading, and doing anything possible to be outside. She also loves taking Zumba and chasing around her  son, Mason. Michelle has continued her passion for dance throughout the years because of the joy and inspiration she gains from enriching the lives of the dancers. Miracles in Motion is so glad to have Michelle on our teaching staff!

Jaimie Lee Quackenbush

Jaimie Lee Quackenbush attended Virginia Commonwealth University in pursuit of her BFA. Her love of movement, working with children and her naturally strong managerial skills brought her to The Little Gym of Glen Allen where she was the director for 8 years. Her strengths for teaching and helping others were obvious to everyone At The Little Gym where she also enjoyed teaching gymnastics, sport skills, dance and karate. It was at The Little Gym that she met Kim Moncrief and Logan. She taught Logan gymnastics for 5 years and her twins, Gibson and Isabella, for 4 years. Jaimie has been a dance and gymnastics teacher, cheer coach, lifeguard and swim instructor. She has participated and excelled in a variety of sports and activities such as cheerleading, show choir, baton twirling, softball, and diving. Cheerleading was her main focus. She cheered for over 10 years on competitive, middle school and high school teams.

Jaimie started volunteering her time with Miracles in Motion in 2014 as the Stage Manager for the 2014 recital and assisted classes in the 2014-2015 season. She has been a Substitute Instructor since 2014 and became a Lead Instructor in 2018.  When Jaimie is not in Miracles in Motion classes she is either working at iLoveKickboxing where she is an instructor and Studio Manager, pursuing her photography passion, spending time with her niece, Daisy or doing obstacle course races. Jaimie is excited to be a part of the Miracles in Motion team!!!

Norvell Robinson Jr.

Norvell began his dance training in 1979, at the age of 19, with School of the Richmond Ballet. After graduating from High School, and visiting a friend there, he was asked by one of the teachers (who was on the ballet board of directors) if he would be interested in taking dance classes. The simple asking of the question, and his willingness to “try”, began the discovery and love for the performing arts.

In 1981 he began dancing with the Richmond Ballet. In 1982 he was accepted to begin training at the North Carolina School of the Arts, and in 1984, when the Richmond Ballet announced auditions for the start of a professional company, he saw it as the opportunity to pursue a dream. He auditioned; and was hired. Norvell performed with the company until the year 2000. During those years he also became a fitness instructor and personal trainer. In 1987, his fitness experience took him to Iceland, where he introduced “Low-Impact Aerobics” to the region.

Norvell has also had the opportunity to perform and contribute choreography at local theatres in the musicals West Side Story (Theatre IV), Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat (Barksdale Theatre), and Bojangles (Barksdale Theatre). In 1997, he had the opportunity to audition and be cast as “Richie” in an Italian touring company’s production of A Chorus Line. Norvell was the only American in the cast, and had the opportunity to work and learn from Baajork Lee (the original “Connie” in the Broadway cast). Norvell has had the pleasure of working with a variety of organizations and dance schools, as well as learning and performing with some of Richmond’s top choreographers from Richmond Dance Center, VCU School of Dance, and University of Richmond.

From 2001 to 2020 he was co-owner of the studio Pilates Dance and More...The Art of Fitness, and in 2012, he and his wife, began the performing arts non-profit PDM Productions, Inc.

The moment Norvell read an article about Miracles In Motion, 8 years ago, he had a desire to be a part of the organization. He began by volunteering for a few summer sessions and helping during the annual May performance. Now he is having the opportunity to have another dream come true by becoming more involved with MIM!

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